Parametric EQ - Settings

The DSP Parametric EQ Settings have become an obsession, I cant stop making adjustments. Can anyone share their favorite filter settings to try? My setup includes a McIntosh 352 Hybrid receiver, B&W 804D3 Floor stand speakers, Moon DAC and the Roon Nucleus. Thanks for considering!


I have the same question. I have a very purist audio set up and I’m sure it’s accurate but sometimes I would like to add a euphoric boost when listening at lower levels. I have played around with the parametric EQ but since I really don’t know what I’m doing, I end up bypassing it. What frequencies should I boost and by how much if I want a little more top end and bass? Remember loudness controls?


Maybe a little to much. But you can download REW software (Room EQ Wizard). Together with a microphone you will be able to measure your room response to see which frequencies you need to enhance. Then you can enhance or reduce in Roon/DSP. Another way is to use the Fletcher Munson curve. I can give directions as to which frequencies you need to enhance when you listen at lower levels.

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I’ve often thought it would be a good idea for Roon to include some sample equalisations like bass boost, boost treble, classical, low volume etc.

Not purist stuff, but then we all aren’t purists.



Try shelf filters at the low and high ends. Alter the slope to suit your tastes and drag the whole thing down to 0db to avoid clipping.

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My advice.

Grab a USB measurement microphone and take some measurements.
See what your rooms is doing to frequency response, phase etc.

Equalisation is room and system dependant.

I’m convinced that Roon DSP Parametic EQ can help to enhance your listening experience in certain situations.
I haven’t play with it yet, but I’m going to do tommorow.

My open baffle loudspeaker have a little bit to less bass for my taste, so I’m going to enhance that a little bit.

What I would like to see is that Roon uses two kinds of Parametic EQ,
One general setting that applies for all
And one Album specific setting (like a album name.eq file inside a album music folder) that over rules the general setting.
This way certain albums that are recorded/mixed wrongly can be adjusted so that every album sounds optimal!

That’s what I would like to see, to make Roon even better :slight_smile:

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Hello… this is my first time posting in the community forums of Roon Labs. I just bought a Spirit Torino Radiante 1706. I have never used the Parametric EQ in Roon before, but I am getting really excited to get this headphone and play with EQ as I know it is going to need some massaging to get it where I like.

Can anyone help me with some advice on how to start? Also, does anyone on here own a Radiante and would be willing to share their EQ graph?