Parametric Equaliser Settings & Sennheiser HD800’s

(Martin Kelly) #1

I’ve just been playing with Roon’s parametric EQ for the first time.
Anyone with Senny HD800’s will know they’re notorious for their 6k & 11k peaks.
I was finding listening to them via the Hugo TT a little fatiguing over time. So I decided to have a play with the EQ.
PROBLEM SOLVED! :grinning:
The parametric EQ let’s you isolate just those ‘problem’ frequencies and cut them by a dB or two.
And there I was, about to pull the trigger on a pair of HD800S’s. Thankfully Roon has made my HD800’s totally listenable!

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I’m a big fan of this thread Headphone settings for parametric and convolution equalizer. It links to pre-made convolution filters for all sorts of headphones. I’ve been impressed with the results across 3 different pairs of cans…

(Billy Kenny) #3

This is pretty much what I do with all my headphones now. I don’t think ive had one case where the EQ’d headphone does not sound better than the stock sound.

The convolution has just made the situation so much easier than manually entering filter data by hand. I also think the convolution sounds better than the standard parametric filter algo but that might be placebo on my part.


Well I can say the DSP settings for Meze 99 Classics completely rob the headphones of their fun. They are not designed to be neutral and thus loose all their appeal. Neutral is not always best to my ears.