Parametric Equalizer on iPhone XR

I cannot seem to get to the parametric equalizer settings, I am able to enable, but it appears that the right arrow is missing from my screen as compared to what I have seen on the net. Is there another location to set this? I have attached a screenshot:


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Unfortunately you can only access the EQ settings on the iPad or the desktop version. No iPhone support (yet).

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Thanks for the reply Philipp, much appreciated.


Does that mean I have to buy an Apple or Windows computer just to access the equalizer settings?

I am running Roon core on little headless Linux machine, and the controls are all Android mobile phones.

Please make the equalizer settings work on mobiles!

You can also buy an Android tablet that is able to display the UI in landscape mode.

From FAQ: What Android devices can I use Roon with?:

Android devices that are at least 8 inches run the full Roon interface. Tablets smaller than 8 inches run an interface designed for smaller screens and phones.