Parametric Equalizer Settings

What is the purpose of the box to the far right of the Parametric EQ setting?

What box? I don’t see anything obscure.

Specifically, which box?

The range box?
It changes the vertical scale.

I’m glad it’s finally been brought up. I’ve oftentimes wondered about it myself:


My box looks smaller than yours. :confused:

See the area inside the black box on the right hand column below the graph.

Q changes the bandwidth of a filter. Lower numbers are broader, higher numbers are narrower.

Thank you!

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sorry double post

I know that this thread is a couple of years old but I have a dumb question to ask; is this equalizer built into Roon, or is it from some other piece of software? If it is part of Roon, how can I get it to appear on my iPad? :thinking:

Yes its part of Roon. Activate DSP on the Zone by clicking the DSP icon on the zone controls.

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Thanks for the help. :+1: