Path to music folder on my Synology NAS

Hello everyone,
The path to my music folder om my Synology DS1621+ is making problems when I try to make my playlists visible for Roon.
The playlists are common .m3u playlists made by JRIVER.
Roon reads the path to my music folder like this:

and the path on my Synology is
Last year I upgraded my Synology NAS from a DS1019+ to the DS1621+ and it seams that Roon remembers the old NAS in the path.
The conflict in the paths prevents me from reading the playlists in the Roon App.
Any suggestions about changing the way Roon reads the direct path to the music folder on the DS1621+?
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Replace the Nas name by it’s IP-address, e.g. \\music
Please do use your real IP-address

Hi Dirk
Thank you for your fast reply.
How do I change the NAS name?
In the storage under settings I’m not able to change the path.
Best regards

Why? To me this looks like a local path, no need to add an IP-address. This is what I would expect on a Core running on said NAS. Is this the case @Thomas_Fabritius_Fal? For further reading:

Hi Thomas

I would not know how you can change the name of your NAS in the path.
That’s why I suggested the workaround with the IP-address

Did you actually do a Synology migration process, i.e. putting the disks of the DS1019+ in the DS1621+, and Synology recognized the dikset and proposed to migrate them?
If so, I am wondering if somewhere at NAS level, there is still a reference somewhere to the DS1019+ in the NAS that is picked up by Roon.
But honestly, I am a Synology user, and no expert at all. But maybe you can PM user @crieke.
He difinitely knows Synology (and Qnap) in and out.

Hi Dirk

Thank you for your reply and help.

I migrated the Synology NAS as you describe. I had the same thought that it might be some kind of “leftover” from the migrating process. Therefore I have made a support ticket at Synology with my question.

If Synology can’t help me, I’ll PM to crieke.

Best regards


Have you tried to reinstall Roon and restore the database? PM or tag @crieke suggested above would be the best way to resolve…

Hi Victor,

Yes, - I have made a clean reinstall of both Windows 10 App and Roon database.

I’ll wait a couple of days before I contact @crieke until my support ticket at Synology has been answered in order to see if the error is caused by DSM 7.0.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards


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Good luck and please let us know how it goes…

Hi @Thomas_Fabritius_Fal
I just saw a similar report here. Roon Server reads the model name from /etc/synoinfo.conf. It seems this file gets migrated as well and the modelname is unchanged after migration.
But to be honest, at the moment I can’t see the connection to playlists in that context (the model name is not appearing in the filepath of any files on your diskstation).

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