Pause playback with incoming/outgoing call on ANDROID

Hi I have been searching on this forum for this feature/topic but could not find any so I posted a new topic.

At the moment I am missing this crucial and basic feature with the latest version of Roon Remote on Android. Roon doesn´t pause/resume music when there is an incoming/outgoing phone call or whatsapp call. This is really disappointing as I am coming from SqueezePlayer and every SqueezePlayer app on Android has this feature. It doesn´t matter where the music is streaming to: SONOS or on local phone, the SqueezePlayer app will pause/resume on demand.

I wonder why an “expensive” player like Roon does not even have this feature implemented. Other app developers succeeded in implementing it so this is hardly a technical limitation on Android. Please add this feature as it is really frustrating to have to pause the playback manually evertime there is a call coming in on my phone while Roon is playing!

Roon Core: version 2.0 (build 1234)
Roon Remote: version 2.0 (build 1219)

Hi, up until now still no comments from the Roon support team?

Roon rarely if ever comment on feature suggestions or any potential associated plans or timelines

This feature is already implemented in Roon ARC.

Roon Remote on iOS and Android dates from early in Roon Labs development history, and is primarily intended, as the name suggests, as a remote control for Roon.

Roon ARC, on the other hand, was developed from the ground up as a mobile experience for Roon on smartphones, and will pause/resume on demand for incoming calls.

I think it’s highly likely that this feature will never be retrofitted to Roon Remote, since I suspect that Roon ARC is seen as the primary app for smartphones going forward.

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately Roon ARC does not work for me as it only streams to my phoneś speakers and not to my Sonos wirelessly. So at the moment it is useless for me.