Pb with Zone not found

I have just started running Roon and upgrading my two volumio based RPI’s to Ropieee.
Sound is working but I face a minor problem with my RPI4, Kali, Touchscreen, Audiophonics Q2M9038 DAC: The GUI on the touchscreen is not displayed. After ssh connection and following a procedure in one of the posts:
$ pacman -Syu ropieee-touchui
$ systemctl enable ropieee-touchui

Now the gui is stuck with the message: Zone not found.

I configured the zone and check the Roon extension. Using the remote web gui, I set the zone name even if remote control is greyed.

Any clue ?


Have you followed the RoPieee Beginners Guide?

Have you set the zone name exactly on the display tab?


Zone name is set to Rasptouch in Roon and in the ropieee admin gui.

But on the display tab? Because you are talking about the remote tab.

Ok, your right. Now I set the display tab. Its working.

Thank you.

Just a remark.

With the touchscreen I can pause the music with the button but I can’t resume it surprisingly !

For a live radio. For a playlist it’s ok.