PCM & DSD Volume Control

I’m using an Aesthetix Pandora DAC with volume control in conjunction with Roon and HQ player. When I am playing PCM there is no volume when the Dacs volume control is at 0, with a gradual increase in sound as I increase the dacs volume. However whe I am upsampling to DSD volume does play through the Dac when the Dac is turn d down to 0 and there is no increase in volume until the volume gets into the 30’s. There are 88 volume steps with the Pandoras volume control. If I remove HQ player from the equation and play a DSD file the volume control works as I would expect. I have the volume minimum and maximum levels in HQ player set at -3.0 dB. Any suggestions are welcome

Sounds like this should be in the HQPlayer section?

I agree Steve just don’t know what the HQ Player setting change I would need to make would be.

No, I mean there’s a HQPlayer section here, and someone frequenting that would very possibly know. Perhaps a kind moderator like @andybob could move it for you (he may also know the answer).