PDF Booklet Retry

I asked this earlier in a longer post. Here’s a very short one:

I would like to have access to all the PDF booklets that are available for my local albums. What, if anything, can I do to make them appear on my albums’ webpage?

Much appreciated.

Qobuz PDFs are only available for Qobuz content. Are you thinking of those or something else?

No, wasn’t really thinking about Qobuz. I thought I was observing these booklets popping up when I added local albums to Roon. So, I wondered what would happen if I backed out other albums and reimported them into Roon. Would that addition booklet info be available to them after re-import?

I’m surprised by your answer since my Qobuz content is the smallest of my total set.

Only if the PDFs are present - e.g. you have purchased a download and the PDF booklet is included in the download, or you have added a PDF booklet to the folder of an album ripped from a CD.

Backing out other albums and reimporting them ain’t gonna make the PDFs magically appear, I’m afraid.

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