Pearl Jam Ten Redux not identified

Got this album from HDTracks but Roon cannot identify the album (not manually either). It looks like it’s not in your database. However, Tidal does have it in their catalog, so I would expect it to be recognised by Roon too. Any thoughts?

I have the same album ripped to FLAC from a CD and it’s loaded into Roon ok.

The album gets loaded in Roon, but does not get identified as Ten Redux. I checked the tags on the files: album is “Ten Redux”, Artist and Album Artist are “Pearl Jam”.

The directory structure is as follows:

Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\01 Once.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\02 Even Flow.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\03 Alive.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\04 Why Go.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\05 Black.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\06 Jeremy.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\07 Oceans.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\08 Porch.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\09 Garden.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\10 Deep.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\11 Release & Master & Slave.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\12 Brother.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\13 Just a Girl.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\14 Breath and a Scream.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\15 State of Love and Trust.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\16 2,000 Mile Blues.aif
Pearl Jam\Ten Redux\17 Evil Little Goat.aif

I tried manually identifying the album. When searching for Pearl Jam, or Ten, or Ten Redux, the album does not show up in the search result list.

Me too, the redux version is not showing up when identifing manually.

@timlumley How did you get Roon to pick up the right metadata for this album. Or did you mean by “it is loaded ok” that you can simply play the album?

As far as I can see all the metadata is there for this album and yes it does play ok. It just picked it up when I loaded it. It was ripped from CD by dBpoweramp to FLAC and I’ve never had a problem with metadata using that particular application.

Weird. Roon also adds the extra “roon” metadata on top of the regular tags?

In my case roon picks-up the tracks and embedded album art, but not the extra roon data…

Maybe roon can comment to see why we have different results?

I would be very interested in that too.

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