Pease help: Cannot access local files on NUC external drive

Roon Core Machine

ROON Rock on Intel NUC
V 2.0 Build 1148

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Tenda 8 port gigbit ethernet switch
Google Mesh Router

Connected Audio Devices

ROON Ready Ropieee running on Rasberry Pi
Chromecast Audio
Bluesound Pulse
All via WiFI

Number of Tracks in Library

2000 tracks

Description of Issue

ROON will no longer access or see Seagate 5TB external drive connected to NUC via USB.
I have connected same drive directly to my PC and it will read it without issue. I have also connected a random thumb drive containing music files to NUC and it sees them without issue. Please help.

Is the external drive formatted as NTFS?
Did you ever pull the USB cable without doing a proper “remove safely” in Windows, or from your Rock while it was running?

It is NTFS formatted. Oddly, I am not given the option to eject this drive. It was only removed from Rock once the issue began.

Try this:

“Eject it properly” meaning:

fantastic I will try this. Thank you!

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That took care of the problem. Thank you!


Fabulous. I think it came as a bit of a surprise to Roonlabs how many NTFS drives are out there with unclean removal status. Lots of posts because of this. But they are working on a better fix as stated by Danny.

On the bright side, you can consider yourself lucky. Writing to unclean NTFS drives can lead to data loss or even complete corruption, which was the reason for Linux now being strict about this, and hence RoonOS since the latest update to RoonOS build 254.

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All excellent information. Thank you again.


Thank you, @Suedkiez!

@brian_green2 let us know if you have any further issues and enjoy the music!


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