PEQ - possibility to adjust channel L and R separately


to compensate for some differences in frequency response between right and left ear (listening through headphones) I would like to send a signal with a sample frequency sequence (there is a suitable disc on Tidal) and then adjust R or L from time to time until approximating a mono reproduction (perceived sound image in the middle)

How could I adjust the two channels R and L, in PEQ, separately?

I read all the guides and also did a search in the posts… but I have not found anything

thank you in advance for your help

Try the Speaker Setup filter in the DSP section of the zone.

Use Procedural EQ …

  1. Add Procedural EQ filter in DSP
  2. Within Procedural EQ ue ‘Add Operation’ to add 2 Parametric Equalizer Filters.
  3. Set the first Parametric Equalizer to L channel and the second to R Channel
  4. Set whatever filters are required in eaach Paraametri Equalizer

thanks a lot to both of you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:, this weekend I’ll start doing some tests :crossed_fingers: