Perceived lack of support follow up

i dont know how many issues i have sent to support. i went to all the trouble of filling in the support form numerous times. zero response. as well as numerous posts in this forum with zero response! the restraint in my prose will be commensurate to the amount of support i get for the money i spend.

thank you!

And also the guidelines of this forum…

Thank you!

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That is simply untrue…


I don’t care whether you like Roon, or me, or the community. You post was laced with vitriol and unhappiness. Life is too short to let a music player get to you that much. So my advice is move on. Not because I am defending Roon but because you sound like you need to.


If you received the forms i sent to support you might be good enough to get me an acknowledgment or reply as i have received zero response and thats a fact. Some of my posts on here about bugs snd issues have received replies from support but most have not

I like you and the community, i just dont like roon. Just because its the best thing available doesnt mean its not rubbish, or that im not entitled to complain or that i have to stop using it. If i complained in the wrong place then roon should ask themselves what is it about their buggy software, or dopey features or support offering (or lack of support offering) thst causes reasonable rational paying customers to go on a rant - sheer frustration from being ignored? Total lack of accountability? Total apathy to genuine problems being reported? Thanks for the advice but ill stay for now in the hope that one day roon will take their finger out and give me a decent reliable piece of software to use

I sent the support request 2-3 months ago shortly after signing up. They didnt even send an acknowledgment or receipt. That happened two or 3 times.

The community can help up to a point - but if support are needed they should step in, not allow issues to fall down black holes with no resolution

Yes spotify have forums but nothing like this! We are in effect all beta testers as far as i can see. My ipad app crashes 4-5 times a day, i havent even bothered reporting it because theres no point imo.

You might not use them but many many other users do. Sounds like you don’t listen to classical so composer and compositions have no meaning to you, radio has two sections one is the global directory to find them and the other is your favourite stations saved . Neither of which is useless they both serve a purpose, but they could put it under one no biggie though. Sounds like your a playlist person, whilst Roon handles them it’s not it’s forte and it really seems you don’t like what Roon does as it is more album focused. Move on , look at Plex or other such things. No need for vitriol because an app doesn’t do what you want it to do, I certainly wouldn’t. It’s not without its faults granted but there are other fish in the sea.

As for support yes it could be better, which ever way you dress it up. But then there is worse out there.

A number of us have raised support issues over Live radio cutting off, dispite one request for logs nothing from support since.

I have uploaded multiple logs requested multiple updates and nothing back from support.

I’m on at $1 retry which is currently set not to auto renew and currently I don’t plan to due to the lack of product support.

I’m not sure why a company would get people to review the product again then completely fail to ensure those returnees have a good experience.
Moving forwards it looks like Sonos for radio streaming and Tidal Connect for music, shame I was going to do a year but not while Roon support remain unresponsive.

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Yes, this is an odd failure. I get it infrequently but regularly. You’d think Roon would have figured out to auto-reconnect after a drop, by now.

This doesn’t sound quite right, the last email we have from you is from November 2020 and we responded in a day. Would you mind forwarding any unanswered emails to and we’ll get you sorted?

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I suppose I’d be quite miffed if I had problems that Roon Support ignored, after all when you pay good money for something, the company should respond to support requests. Not accusing the OP of this, just stating my observations. Roon Support are woefully understaffed, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Just like most small consumer software companies.


Seems like the people who are most upset are the ones who don’t describe their challenges adequately enough for anyone to understand, or who try to frame misunderstood/missing functionality as a bug. Not surprising they go unanswered.

Over the last 10 years I’ve tried a number of ways to get good sound out of my local files and streaming plans but everything I tried that sounded good enough was not worth the learning curve.

Three years ago, I had a streamer card installed in my DAC. I planned to buy UPNP sever software and use the native streaming app from the company that makes my hardware. This was going to be my new digital music ecosystem and I was incredibly excited to finally have something that could compete with my CD player in terms of SQ. Downloaded a demo copy of an inexpensive and highly recommended UPNP solution and off I went. I didn’t really like the UX of the native app, but damn it sounded good compared to everything else I had tried. I called the shop that upgraded my DAC to thank them, and they said “Why aren’t you using Roon”. My response was “What’s Roon?”

Turns out the streamer upgrade came with a 2 month Roon Demo. I loaded up the core on my trusty PC (trusty means old BTW), and gave it a shot. While I was blown away by the library management functionality, and realized that Roon “could” revolutionize the way I discover new music, I could not reliably stream anything over 96/24. I was shattered! I found this great solution, but could not get it to work. Sound familiar?

I quickly found this community and realized within a few minutes that my problems were my own. My PC was not up to the task of running Roon in its entirety, so I uninstalled it and just tried Roon Server using an iPad. Problem Solved, unless I tried to do anything on my PC while listening. Wouldn’t have gotten there without the community. After using my free demo for a month, I finally had a good enough grasp of the software to make a financial commitment. I knew what worked the way I wanted it to, and what didn’t. I knew I needed better core hardware. I based my buying decision on current functionality, not what might happen in the future. Had my decision been to move on, I would have done so without posting my lack of satisfaction.

I ended up with ROCK on a NUC. I made sure it was up to the task before I picked a Roon plan. In the last three years, EVERY significant problem I encountered, that was not a features/missing functionality issue, turned out to be my own, due to hardware and/or network problems. Problem by Problem, as I assembled the proper and needed info to ask for support on the forum, the solutions appeared before I ever got to the forum. This didn’t happen due to any brilliance on my part, quite the opposite, I wasn’t logically looking at the issues until I assembled the data needed to ask for help.

I suspect that most new users would be much happier if they looked at their challenges with Roon as an opportunity to learn, instead of an excuse to blame.

Rant Over - Music Awaits


I didn’t say composer and composition are useless just useless to me (and others). i think people should really look into the definition of vitriol as nothing i said came close!

Hi Kevin, shortly after signing up i had a number of issues and couldnt find answers on the forums so i went to your web site and filled in a contact form Contact Roon Labs for Technical Support & Billing Inquiries. I did this at least two or 3 times with different issues and got zero response.

Hammer pls read my post below. I take issue and offence with you renaming the heading of this post to add perceived. My post is not about any perceived lack of support follow up - it is about total and utter failure to follow up period!

miffed is one word for it!

thanks for the words. perhaps some of the issues i have are system based and i will certainly try to work through them. in the mean time maybe roon will pull their socks up.

I am afraid you have that backwards.

I first created and opened this topic with it’s title, YOU then went in and edited the title to remove the wording Perceived.
I just went and put it back to it’s ORIGINAL as created title.

So if anything I should take offense at YOU changing the title…but I don’t.:sunglasses:.

I realize you are frustrated with your Roon experience so far but letting that frustration boil over in your posts will not help in the long run.

sorry for complaining or for requesting support. the heading of this post is now inaccurate thanks to a forum administrator.

so here’s how it goes:

  1. ask roon for support
  2. get zero response
  3. complain about it
  4. have your complaint turned back on you as a mere perception with complete lack of acknowledgement that roon have dropped the ball
  5. roon support remains as is i.e. rubbish
  6. you keep smiling with your sunglasses on for defending the honour of roon without actually helping the customer at all :clap: