Performance with large number of albums

Growing my library with local and Qobuz albums, core running on Qnap TVS882T with Roon library on an SSD. Size today approx 25000 albums.
Now Roon remote is slow on both my Mac and iPad Pro, dropouts when playing. ;-(

Any performance optimisations I should consider?

With that amount of albums, it is worthwhile to try and Focus on a limited numbers of albums (you can do that on format, genre, …) and than create a bookmark for this focussed view.
Maybe that will help Roon performance, as it would not have take all the database information into account.
Trying will in any case not hurt in any way.

The Qnap TVS882T has an i5 processor which is most likely the reason for the performance issues. Running a Roon core with a library of that size (over 25K albums) on a NAS is not ideal. Check the Roon Knowledge Base for more information on Roon Core and large libraries. I believe that an i7 processor is recommended for a library that large.

Bought a NUC10 with i7, 2Tb M.2 SSD and 4Tb ssd.

Which way to go now?

Rock or win10?