Periodic Static introduced by Roon [Resolved - Factory Reset DAC]

First understand I am only a few days into this Roon product.

My issue is the appearance of periodic static sounds while I am listening to music via Roon. Never heard this prior to installing the product. It is not constant, just a little rift every 15 - 20 seconds. I have the Roon Core installed on a windows 10 PC, connected via ethernet to my router - which is from Xfinity. The balance of gear connects over WiFi. Besides some local digital files (which produce static as well) I use both Tidal and Qobuz.

My primary listening is via a Blusound Node 2i, connected to a Cambridge Audio CXA81 with Klipsch Speakers. These connections are both analog as well as digital and the static is observed over both modes (Node 2i>CXA81 via RCA for true MQA; Node2i>CXA81 via Coax for other).

The static does not seem to be there when I play through a zone with out the Node 2i in the loop such as Desktop>CXA81 via USB Audio.

I have tried multiple electrical reconfigurations for Node2i, Core PC and CXA81. When I use the Node 2i via the Blusound Controller, the sound is flawless. It is only when using the Roon connection that I hear the static.

I am in my 3rd or 4th day of a trial, and if this doesn’t resolve I will have to cancel - which would be a shame as the functionality of Roon is so great.

Can you connect the blue sound via Ethernet to try?

It would be a stretch, but I will give it a shot. Thanks for the suggestion!

OK, an update. I took just the Node 2i unit and my headphones into the room with the router and connected directly with ethernet. This isolated out the CXA81 and all the associated connections.

Using I phone as control, I toggled between Roon and Blusound. Source content was Dreamcatcher-Lee Ritenour solar guitar new release.

The static still persists listening on Roon. No static on Blusound.

This router also has Laptop direct connected (solely dedicated to Roon Core). This room is on a different electrical circuit.

Any ideas would be appreciated - clock is ticking on Roon Trial. I really, really like Roon, but not dirty music!

what are the specs on the roon core PC…laptops are often not really that great at this kind of system especially if they are older models with lower cpus and little ram

are you doing any upsampling or hires tracks?

Started out on a Dell desktop i 5 chip, 12G mem running windows 10. Moved to Laptop which is Dell XPS i 3 chip 8 G mem running windows 10, dedicated to Roon App.

The static seems to be identical on both devices. Would consider a NUC setup, but not interested in investing in that unless I am sure issue would resolve.

I am inclined to think issue is caused by router. Router and service provided by Comcast/Xfinity. The Router plays some role in distributing Both internet and Cable television content.

Router has 4 ethernet connections - my last try I had Core on one and Node 2i on another, but still got static when using Roon - would have thought it was acting primarily as a switch. I have tried to get comcast to provide a separate Internet feed but am told that they cannot.

Appreciate your assistance.

Hi @Richard_Moore2,

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for reaching out and for your patience while you case reached my queue!

Are you saying here that you plugged the headphones directly into the 3.5mm output of the Node 2i and you were still hearing the same static?

Can you please share a screenshot of your Signal Path when the issue is occurring?

Have you tried to factory-reset the Node 2i yet? This would be another good troubleshooting test to run.

Yes, that is correct - pretty much just the Node 2i connected to router (headphones connected to Node via 3.5mm on front of node) and the laptop that I have Roon core running on also attached to router. Signal path shown.

Not sure how to factory reset Node, but will figure it out and try.

Thanks RSM

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Hi @Richard_Moore2,

Thanks for that screenshot! Yes, I would try the factory reset to see if it helps.

Does the issue only occur when you play MQA content?
Do regular 44.1/16 files play without the static?

Noris - It occurs at all the bitrates I play.

I need to figure out how to document content in my playlists as the reset wipes them out. I believe that I can screen shot them so I can recreate.


Maybe worth a shot too

Going to do it - just saw that Roon has imported all my playlists, so that should not be issue!

Will report back.


So I did the factory reset on the Node 2i - It seems to have worked!!

Who knows why.

Thanks for everyone’s help.


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Hi @Richard_Moore2,

Thanks for letting us know the factory reset resolved the issue on you end, that’s fantastic news!

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