Peroblems with two stations

I have Roon Nucleus Plus. As an aside , I have few problems with Roon in any respect.
However there are two stations which I used to get but cannot get now.

  1. Davide of Mimic This is a 24 hour classical stream station, no ads.
    This station is included in your Live Radio listings and is in “My Live Radio” When I hit play I get “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”. And nothing happens. When I go to “Live Radio” where the station appears and try to play it from there, I get “Unable to play this station. Its address may have changed, etc.”
    I have confirmed the station exists and can be played through my computer.
  2. SatinJazz, an Australian streaming station playing female jazz singers.
    This also says “Playback was interrupted, etc.” This one does not appear to be on your Live Radio list but ose appear in “My Live Radio”
    Since both of these stations have few peers, I would like to get them.
    If you can solve these issues, please the take a look at Doo Wop Radio 4U (I’m showing my age, I know). I get same message.
    Thank you.

Try the Davideofmimic stream now

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Hello @Daniel_Polvere, I’ve added SatinJazz for you but I haven’t been able to add Doo Wop Radio 4u; their audio server is not hosting any streams at the moment.

I’m pleased to report that I now have Davide of MIMIC and SatinJazz back. In both cases it required my removing the stations from “My Live Radio” and then re-adding them from the Live Radio universe. But they both are playing and I thank you guys for the very prompt response.
Too bad about the Doo Wop.

I don’t know this station. If you think this is temporary we could endeavour to monitor.

It does appear to be a low budget station. The website looks pretty antiquated. But it did stream for a time; so it may return. If you could monitor that would be appreciated.

I’ve added a stream for Doowopradio4u. It’s playing silence at the moment, but maybe later…

The server stream history shows

|22:05:00|BONNEVILLES ZU ZU (Munich 59)|Current Song|
| — | — | — |
|22:04:32|Kathy Young - Baby Oh Baby|
|22:01:11|Etta James - Almost Persuaded|
|21:56:42|Barbara Carr - Juke Joint jumping|
|21:53:27|Freddy King - Going Down|
|21:47:34|Bob Dylan - Thunder on the Mountain|
|21:40:36|Elton John & Leon Russell - Hey Ahab|
|21:37:45|Leo Sayer - You make me feel like dancing|
|21:34:55|Jake & The Nifty 50’s - Someone|
|21:31:36|Jackie Moore - Precious Precious|

I assume the times are EST, so perhaps try this evening your time?

Re Doowopradio4u:
i tried the station and got the “Playback was interrupted…” message. So I removed the station. When I tried to locate it again in Live Radio, I couldn’t find it. Do you know where it is?

Apologies, it had indeed disappeared. It’s back now and working.

Yes it IS! Silhouettes by The Rays from 1957. At 64kbs, it even sounds like an old juke box!

And now it’s gone off the server again.

I’ll leave the station on the database for now but add a note describing its unreliability. If we can establish that it has a regular broadcasting time that would be helpful; if it doesn’t then we’ll remove it but you can keep it on your own my live radio

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According to the server it seems to start shortly after 11am and stop about 10pm EST.

Funny times. I’ll check if it’s consistent.

It’s been 24 hour playing since Christmas Eve morning…

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