Peter Erich / Erich Kunzel

I’m getting Peter Erich miscredited to the Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra album Scary Music:

I can’t see him in either AllMusic:

or MusicBrainz:

So I’m not entirely sure where he’s popped in from.

Speculation: As the "Peter Erich / … " credit line isn’t linked, it might come from your file tags.

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Sadly not. I retag every SACD as I rip as all too often the metadata are wrong (Artist is usually Album etc).

The soloists were tagged by me, so he’s not lurking there either.

allmusic only uses the TiVo US product. It doesn’t have releases which are only part of its UK or EU products.

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The wrong data must be somewhere out there. A Google search for "Peter Erich" Kunzel revealed a handful of obscure matches for that very album:

Follow the links at your own risk

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@dylan It’s the TiVo “performer” string for this album that allmusic doesn’t use.

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And people can’t see why you can’t just get on make the metadata perfect overnight.

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