Peter Hammill "(On Tuesdays She Used to Do) Yoga" - typo/grammar

The metadata titles this track “(On Tuesday’s …”; now I’ve noticed it, the randomly-added apostrophe is really annoying.

@thumb5 Hi Ian,

I agree that all typos (and worse) are annoying, but this is exactly why we have powerful editing functionality in Roon. This is something that you can easily correct yourself. Go to the track editor via the “three dot” icon at the right of the track listing; you can then edit the title in the Edit Track tab:

I’d love to be able to submit every single correction to our metadata providers, but we have to pick our battles. For the future, our stated plan is to crowd-source metadata submissions and edits, which we believe will lead to a uniquely powerful, comprehensive, and accurate metadata solution.

Joel, thanks for explaining that and sorry for the noise.

No worries at all!