PFM, Francone Mussida and Mogol Audio 2

Many strange things in this album:
-The title is “Cook”, also reported as “P.F.M Live in USA” depending on the edition
-NO IDEA about the reported artist “Dangerous Mind”. it’s not related to this album, and i’ve never heard about it (them)
-in the composer credits there is “Francone Mussida”, but the real name is “Franco Mussida”
-in the credits of track 4 appears “Mogol Audio 2” that… makes no sense.
Mogol is a very well known composer in Italy, “Audio 2” is an italian duo. there is a “Mogol Audio 2” collaboration album, but they definitively are 2 separate entities.
-i’ve noticed that all my tracks by Mogol are reported by Mogol Audio 2, so i think that the identity of poor Mogol has been changed :frowning:

I think you might have better luck tagging classical!

Sheesh. Now I understand even better. If I may ask, are these your rips (not caring one way or the other), and are you first running them through a tag app? If so, which app, which DB?

? @John_V i don’t understand the question…
anyways, yes the album is tagged. usually i use mp3tag, or foobar. and usually i don’t rely on db, but tag more or less manually. sometimes i use discogs, i dislike musicbrainz.
but what you read above is definitely not in my tags… it’s all from roon’s magic basket :slight_smile:

and yes, i think classical i easier…