Pfsense Router / Roon Rock Core ( Iphone problems )

Looking for advice, Initial Setup is: Roon/Rock system inside a Pfsense software router / ( no vmware, just a hardware type router running pfsense software) Also added PIA VPN. This is up and running fine with multiple VLAN style interfaces configured and protected. Iphone running core is the problem. It can’t find the core.

Can operate “VPN protected Roon core” inside Pfsense router config from any VLAN that has PIA-VPN up and running too and protected, via a wireless access point located on same Roon VLAN. Core works fine in this config with no problems using any WIN 11 PCs wifi connection from any other VLAN. Love it. Seems solid.

Problem is trying to using a Iphone connections on same AP as any Win 11 PC ?
Iphone is connected like a PC same AP same SSID (same VLan as Rock). Can’t find the core ?
its a bugger.

I don’t entirely understand the PIA VPN part of this configuration. Are you connecting to the VPN to access Roon in all cases? iOS has some limitations regarding L2 VPNs which is required for Roon to function. It uses broadcasts for discovery.

Yes, PIA VPN has Roon covered all the time. Yes connected to VPN in all cases.

Quick review of the docs… Too many options :slight_smile:
You need to set this up as a Layer 2 VPN (tap or L2TP) on iOS and I can’t find a definitive way of doing that but there are lots of VPN options on Pfsense and it’s not a “normal” config.

I may look at this more later when I have more time has you’ve got me interested. Do know you’re well into tinkering space with this set-up. Roon isn’t going to be happy and you’ll be very limited in the kinds of endpoints you can use. I’m not sure what you’ve accomplished here is worth the hassle.

As of today my vitos OS / SBC / RPI’s connected to my Schitt DAC/s are up (extrmely solid). Roon sees them as a enpoints via the PC’s on VLANs. l have other SBC endpoints using Allo products too but I will test them tomorrow. In the past I had Icecasting as a means to send analog device audio (turntable and reel tape audio) to endpoints thru a radio station in roon for playback. Also have a few linux system using extensions I can test tomorrow too.

Thanks for your assistance. Anyhow FYI
These links gave me a great understanding as I used them initially to learn how Pfsense firewall can work with multiple subnets and then added the PIA.

Hey I can live without the Apple IOS hassel. I have a solid Firewall and I can live by PC operations to Roon. When I find time I will try with an Android device another time