Phantom Gold not yet Roon Ready? [yes, they are now]

I disagree. RAAT is (sort of) supported on the Expert line so as Devialet unify the firmware between their three product lines they will have to carry RAAT support forward or face a backlash from the Expert owners that I think would really hurt their reputation and the secondary market for their products. I do agree however that Devialet has made a real hash of their software efforts to date. Their inability to solve the issue affecting RAAT on Expert over gigabit wired ethernet connections is just one of many examples.


Hello, I’m new to this forum. I enjoy listening to music but am not into the technical side of things. I am finding it difficult to understand what I can achieve with Mac Roon and my pair of Devialet Phantom Golds. I have two questions.

Can I use Mac Roon (on my Mac Pro with iPad app) without any additional hardware to play high resolution tracks on my Phantoms.

If not, can anyone suggest appropriate additional hardware that would enable me to play hi-res tracks. I don’t want to build anything myself and understand the Auralic Aries Mini could achieve what I want.


The Auralic Aries Mini will work when connected to a Phantom with an SPDIF optical cable. I currently use a Lindemann Limetree Bridge ( connected to one of my pair of Phantom Golds with an SPDIF cable - it’s Roon Ready and can be set to automatically upscale to a max 192 KHz. Works perfectly with the recently released DOS2 firmware for the Phantoms and allowed me to stop using the Dialog that was needed previously.

Thank you Asley, it’s exactly the answer I was waiting for!

The Baby Ambre is a nice solution as well. Small, Roon Ready, network in, S/PDIF out:

There is a no additional hardware/cost way - using UPNP.

It’s a small bit of software you can run on your Mac (the same one running Roon) that will let Roon play directly to your Phantoms.


Works perfectly and will play anything up to 192/24 (the max the Phantoms support) and you can control the volume using Roon.

I’m using it now.

Are you using this solution with Phantom or with Naim equipment? I’ve tried the IFi Usbridge software based on the software you’re referring to, and it doesn’t work with Phantom. Neither does the Sonore UPnP Bridge. The Devialet implementation of UPnP is flaky at the best.

With my Phantoms. It works perfectly.

That’s great news! Will try to install the plug in tomorrow.

Are the Phantoms hard wired or do you use WiFi/PLC? Have you upgraded to DOS2?

Wifi/PLC and yes, I have upgraded to DOS2.

Thanks for the quick reply. Have you edited the config.xml apart from the roon tag and the sample rate? I’m getting a http parsing error after a while, from about a minute to eight minutes, and the music stops.
Here’s what’s happening:

[11:17:54.394] handle_http:463 [00510470]: http parsing error (null)
[11:17:54.394] output_http_thread:193 [00510470]: HTTP close 1696 (bytes 716172344) (n:1 res:0)
[11:17:54.675] _SyncNotifState:629 [004C3AF8]: uPNP stop
[11:17:54.675] sendSTAT:166 [00510470]: STAT:[STMo] msplayed 488000

Have you encountered anything like this?

No. Haven’t seen something like this.

Mine worked with only the 2 edits to the config

I’ve played music for over 2 hours without an issue

What are you running the program on? I’m running it on the same RPi (3B+) that I have the Hifiberry Digi Plus and Roon Bridge on. I’ve got both connected for a while, just in case of an issue with the UPNP software. But all good until now.

Try asking here -

I’m running Win10. Thanks for the link, I’ll contact the author if the problem persists.

I’ve asked for help in the UPnPBridge thread. Hopefully there’s a fix.

I asked a couple of questions a couple of days ago and this is the first chance of really had to return and see what’s happening. Firstly, thanks to the contributors who’ve been good enough to offer some advice. It’s all appreciated. As I said before I’m not a technical person so don’t have the confidence to start recoding anything.

Thank you, Ashley for sharing your experience of the Lindemann Lime Tree Bridge with your Phantom Golds. I think this is probably the way forward for me. Did your DOS2 upgrade go smoothly? And at what stage do you remove the Dialogue?

The DOS2 update was straightforward for me but I do read that it’s not been quite so smooth for some users. I didn’t even update the dialog - I just unplugged it and started using the the Gold pair after they had updated themselves.

I’ve hit a brick wall of silence over at the slimdevices forum, so I have no idea how to fix of my http parsing problem.

Have Devialet hinted anything this year, to anyone ?

About plans for Phantom Premier models being Roon Ready?

Hi there…I’ve found this software as well a couple of days ago and also having the same “Parsing” issue…in my case, it plays everything but with 16/44 files(Tidal or local) it always stops at ~3:20s, really frustrating…did you manage to find more info on this? I already played with a number of the options on the Config.xml but nothing…I’m back to the standard options with the exception of the 192k sample rate and the “1” switch for Roon…it’s really sad because this is a really elegant solution with a fantastic sound and really the only way to get 24/192 sample rate…since Toslink doesn’t support it…

My setup is a Windows10 PC (with Jcat Net card) where I’m running the Roon Server, with a Phantom Gold…I’ve all hardwired to a EtherREGEN switch… :frowning: