Phantom mnt Removal

I’ve run Roon server on my Linux Mint desktop PC for some time now but recently built a Roon Rock dedicated server. I’ve uninstalled Roon server from the desktop but there remains this oddball folder under mnt which is empty and I would like to remove. It’s certainly not one I would have created intentionally. I don’t see a mount command in fstab so I’m not sure how this got here. The desktop has been rebooted but the mnt remains.

Note that the NASMusic mount is one I created and intend to keep.

Thanks for any assistance on this, I’m not very sharp with Linux…

Silly question, but can’t you just delete it? Or right click and “move to trash”?

Or look here? Google is a wonderful resource… :):

I am running linux mint here and have no such directory.
mv /mnt/RoonStorage* /tmp
See if it is needed (unlikely)
If not rm /tmp/RoonStorage*


This would be my approach too.

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Thank you @MamaTried . I had tried deleting the folder from the graphical file manager with no luck but using sudo I was able to move as you instructed. The folder is not used since Roon is no longer on this machine at all, so I then just removed it as you show. Note that I had to use rm -d since it was a directory.

All is well, thank you for your assistance!