Phantom/Roon Nucleus + Dismay

Via Spark App on an iphone, I defined two rooms, a Study, with two silver phantoms, the other, Kitchen, with a single Phantom Gold.

First problem: Roon ‘sees’ the Kitchen/single Phantom but doesn’t ‘see’ the Study/duo Phantoms, whereas both rooms are clearly delineated in Spark.

The second problem, is that, via Spark the only source seemingly allowed, is material on the iphone, whereas via Roon (nucleus + connected to Synology NAS) gives me access to all the Synology material.

Help please. This is the first from a mystified mélomane! . Dr. Georges S. Kaye, Toulouse.

Do the silver phantoms support airplay?

One unit is 4 months old, the other is three years old … how can I check AirPlay potential? All thanks. Gsk.

Danny is probably on the right track here. I do not own phantoms so I am not familiar with Spark. Maybe there is some indication in Spark whether the silvers have Airplay support? Otherwice, send the serial numbers of your two silver phantoms to Devialet support and ask if there is Airplay support.

I see you have an iPhone, in which case you could try using the iPhone control center to check which Phantom speakers are present.

See this Apple help support page for instructions.

As to your second issue, the Spark and Roon software cannot communicate with each other. They are completely independent and as such are only aware of audio within their defined sphere. Spark, on a Pc, at least, can address a music library on the pc or a nas connected to the network. Spark can also stream Tidal and/or Qobuz if you have an appropriate streaming account. Radio is also available.

A thousand thanks. Gsk.