Phish - The Gorge β€˜98 missing from Roon

I can find this album in Qobuz app but not on Roon search. Any help fixing this would be appreciated. Thanks all!

It does appear to be missing in Roons qobuz database @joel any reason for this it plays fine to in Qobuz. One dropped through the net?

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Funny, it does find the Tidal version (I have both Tidal and Qobuz, the Qobuz one is not there)


Same for me. Shows up in Tidal but not Qobuz.
Tidal account is USA. Qobuz is England.

And thanks for making this thread.
I was at these shows and did not realize it had been released officially.

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Well it got added to the Roon database, so thanks Roon! The bad news is that it’s one of the worst official releases I have ever heard, sounds so bad! Sorry for the bad news! Thanks everyone!

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