Photography courses?

Any recommendations for online or other platforms? I picked up a pretty nice camera in Poland just to have something to use in the Bialoweiza Reserve. Now I’d like to learn how to use it. Here is a white-backed woodpecker using the auto setting:

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That’s really nice. I would recommend going over to and check out their videos and forums for a nice start. It’s a great community with lots of passion and information.

But also - - an oldie but goodie.

Have fun! It’s (another) great hobby!!


And another bottomless pit for money :smiling_imp: , Ah look a new lens , ooh lets try darkroom stuff

And you thought HI Fi was expensive

But seriously start by reading idiot’s guides on the internet (I’ll have a dig around for some) its so easy these days as you media (film) is free ,not the case when I started, you thought every time you pressed the shutter

Just take loads and self critique against the idiot guides rules . Position in frame, sharpness , background out of focus etc.

Golden Rule no.1 - BUY a Tripod , your hands are not as steady as you think they are - you WILL see the difference . At least a bean bag ,

Golden Rule 2 - dont always use the camera at max lens length - see 1 above

This was shot on a Canon SZ70 bridge camera on a bean bag .(My serious big lens days are long gone, I simply can’t support the camera steady enough for those 400-500 mm monsters)


Nice photo!

I haven’t done much photography lately, though should get back into it! Nice Photos!

I agree with the suggestion of a tripod for taking photos - it really did help many photos come out much sharper.

As far as courses, really the only ones I took were the handful of couple hour free sessions given at the local photography store. You Tube videos and other online sources helped out as well.

One of the websites which was always interesting look at and gather some tips and see amazing photos and share your photos is


Learn to shoot in manual mode, the payoff is huge.

Great picture!