Physical Path for 5.1 Sound

I’m running a NUC/ROCK that is 75+ feet away from the action, connected presently by ethernet.

I have two devices: Oppo 203 and an Anthem MRX720 receiver, both sit in the listening room. Both are capable of accepting a 5.1 signal via a variety of inputs

But RAAT doesn’t work with 5.1 on the 203. And I can’t figure how to get a 5.1 signal from the distant ROCK to the receiver via RAAT.

I have not discussed the primary endpoint, a DigiOne with SPDIF or coax out. Roon doesn’t seem to accept this as a 5.1 endpoint since it defaults to downmixing into two channels.

I am punching way over my weight here. Any help appreciated building a 5.1
path to my receiver.

Oppo does not support 5.1 via RAAT apparently this is down to Oppos implementation not Roon itself, they seemed to have missed it out. Your best using you NuC as an endpoint and use hdmi to send 5.1 to your receiver. Or you can use any spare laptop or PC and possiblely achieve the same using Windows not sure about Mac’s. You don’t need a high spec NuC as it will only act as an endpoint if you don’t want to use your current core.


A low powered small form factor PC running Windows and Roon Bridge. Connect using a HDMI cable to your receiver.