Pi 3+ DigiOne Signature all of a sudden won't boot

I had my D1S up and running with Volumio (Roon running on QNAP) and I decided to load DietPi on to a seperate SD. After shutting down the Pi and trying to load the new SD with DietPi, I haven’t been able to boot.

I’ve tried:

  • booting with the original Volumio SD
  • several other SanDisk SD’s
  • pulling the Pi and D1S apart and assembling
  • formatting and flashing with Etcher MAC
  • formatting and flashing with Etcher PC
  • different cables
  • different adaptor’s
  • powering off of the 18650 battery pack first and then provided adaptor second and the other way around
  • removing the D1S Hat and just booting the Pi from its USB 5pin power.

Each time its the same thing… Red power light from the Pi is steady (no flashing) and the green LED from the DigiOne is steady. No Ethernet port LED’s, activity or connection to the switch.

So everything was working fine. No issues for a week. I has shut the Pi down via Volumio a few times but left it running overnight a few times.

How can I troubleshoot this?

I’m going crazy here. Please help. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I miss my Pi (snif snif).

This turned out to be an Image Writing Issue with Etcher