Pi 3b HiFiberry amp+ & digi+ = amazing roon endpoints

i received my amp & digi 2 days ago, i have been playing both for 48 hours straight using roon radio. zero issues & both sound amazing. i have the digi hooked up to a mcintosh c2600, i am also using a usb connection to the c2600 which supports dsd512. i am having a hard time telling the difference between them.


I’ve had the ethernet connection drop out here and there, and I can’t tell if it’s related to the Pi3, the Roon Ready image, my bedroom ethernet port, or the port at the patch point in my networking closet. I’m curious if anyone else is noticing a similar issue.

Is this new? I was reviewing this on the McIntosh website this past weekend and it only listed up to dsd256.

I’m seeing occasional dropouts too :frowning:
never happens with the Aries which is connected to the very same ethernet switch

Hi Jason
Is your Pi/Amp wirelessly connected? If yes, I’d like to learn what you did as this is not working for me with either the manually build software or the Hifiberry image.

I totally agree these things are great - I have the dig (wired connection) in my main system and it is just fantastic but wireless is necessary for my bedroom.


Zero dropouts while listening. Its been playing for 3 days. I turned it off tonight. I cannot say if it dropped out while I wasnt home.

I’m using ethernet.

My mistake, but not really the point. Thanks for catching that.

@Michael_Merline, another data point for you…

I have a RPi2 + Digi+ connected via wired ethernet. Never had a dropout to the best of my knowledge. It’s been rock solid. Mind you, this is using a cheap, unmanaged network switch. When I tried substituting it with a managed switch, the results were disastrous for Roon as a whole.

I also find ethernet rock solid - even with a managed switch - but as I said that’s not an option in the location I am trying to wet wireless to work.

They claim they fixed the wireless problem with their latest Roon image. Did you try it?

Yes, I used the latest 1.06 image over the weekend without success. I have a question with them so hopefully will get resolved. Ethernet over power is an option but will reduce flexibility which is why I am keen to keep trying a wireless solution.
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I use both an RPi 2 and RPi 3 in my setup (DAC+ rather than Digi+), both wireless. I have found that the RPi 2 with WiFi dongle to be much more stable on the network than the built-in WiFi of the RPi 3. I imagine adding a similar Wifi dongle to an RPi 3 and bypassing the built-in wifi might lead to better results (dropouts less than once per day rather than every few hours). However, I have not yet done that experiment myself.

Caveat emptor: Not all USB wifi dongles seem to work equally well with the HiFi Berry Hats. I initially used the Edimax dongle, but the RPi would hang on boot if the HiFi Berry Hat was installed concurrently. Switching to the official Raspberry Foundation unit linked above solved this issue.

Thanks Jim, that is Plan B and just such a dongle arrived today so I will be able to try on weeeknd, I had read that it’s a bit hit and miss using dongles other than the ‘official’ one so I’ll just have to see how I go.
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Daniel at HiFi Berry has come back and said he can’t say what might be the problem. Hopefully future builds will fix but I will try Plan B for now (wireless dongle).

Plan B has been up for 24 hours and seems stable :relaxed:

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Both from the pie? Native dsd 256 seems impossible with my c47 on the sotm and dietpi.