PI recommendation?

We have an RTI domotica solution since before OpenHab etc.
The setup includes an RTI amplifier with 8 zones out and 8 sources in.

I want to phase out the RTI solution. For the audio, I would like to leverage Roon zone control and dump RTI. Unfortunately, there is no control channel over IP but there is a web interface to link sources to zones. In short: I need a solution with 4 Raspberry’s, an audiohat with 4 rca-out, and decent powersupply.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I couldn’t find a single power supply for multiple Pis that I was confident would work well.

But I did find a multiple Pi cluster case that can be used without fans with ropieee.

My hats vary, but for analogue they are mostly HiFiBerry DAC2 HDs. I have one connected directly to some speakers using an AAMP60 on top of the DAC.

I needed to buy extra spacers for the taller HATS.

You can get the case here


Thank you very much.