Pi running DietPi3, a minimal Linux distro, that you can just power off

Just a note regarding shutdown of the Pi. DietPi is a minimal Linux distro (Debian kernel) that has a menu driven interface to load Roon Bridge and other apps. It logs to RAM rather than the SD card so you can cruelly shut it down by powering off with a vastly reduced probability of corrupting the SD.

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Thanks. I might give this a whirl at some point - but having to shut down manually is only a minor niggle. :slight_smile:

Have yet to shut down manually and have not had any issues.

Do you just pull the plug, or leave it powered up?

Pull the plug that powers dacs, preamp, ODROID etc

I’ve had to rewrite the SD cards on my RPis a couple of times following a power loss. Since switching over to DietPi and Roon Bridge, this has not (as yet) been an issue.

I think I’m going to beat the path of least resistance and continue to shutdown by command - as my Pi Roon Bridge is working flawlessly. It’s a 30-second job and there’s nobody else here to be flummoxed by it.

I’m more and more in love with the Explorer 2 the more I listen to it. And it’s not about MQA - the performance with 16/44 is fantastic. A great buy - and nice to have some Meridian kit back in my system since the 506.20 left several years ago… :smiley:

Is this a simple case of keeping a copy of the SD card contents somewhere else and re-writing the files? Or do you have to rebuild from scratch. Complete Pi Noob here…

Rebuild - oh lord no. I just downloaded the latest image from the relevant site (IQaudIO or HiFiBerry) and rewrote the card. Though, these days, I’ll just download the latest DietPi image and use that. It is refreshingly simple.

Thanks - ‘rebuild’ is perhaps an over-dramatic word. :smiley:

I’m going to do a little more reading and might have a bash at this when my confidence is higher. (And to think I was raised with BBC Basic and MS-DOS - this should be second nature!)

Is there an idiot’s guide somewhere on this? :wink:

Guide for all users and skill levels to get you started :slight_smile: :

We are also looking into a “read only” filesystem option for DietPi in v150. This should give max confidence when hard powering off device: