Pi that will act as roon and chromeCast endpoint?

Any way to build a pi so I can use it as BOTH a roon endpoint and a chromeCast endpoint?


Not exactly a Chromecast endpoint, but DietPi can be setup with both Roon Bridge and Chromium.

I’m using Chromium in kiosk mode to display the Roon Web Display via HDMI.

Thank you for the response. I don’t mean to be dense, but I don’t know what this does. The goal is to have a chrome cast endpoint so my iPhone can play Plex through it

Sorry, Chromium is just a web browser which can run fullscreen in kiosk mode (perfect for displaying the Roon Web Display).

I don’t think there are any open source Chromecast libraries to use a Pi as an endpoint.

But if it’s only Plex you’re wanting to view, look into Kodi or OSMC and the Plex add-on. Roon Bridge may be able to be installed manually, but it’s not something I’ve tried.

Will not Riopeee XL show up as DNLA device within plex

It certainly shows up as a zone in JRiver , it works for Audio, not sure on video

Maybe @spockfish can help, he wrote Roipeee

Wow if that’s true then I will just go buy an Allo. Then I could have both.