Pi2 + PIcore player HDMI output crackling noise

Hello All,

I have an issues with crackling noise while playing back through a Pi2 with picoreplayer.
Output is through HDMI to a AV receiver.
When I use Airplay to play through the receiver all is well.
When I switch over to the Pi2 I get crackling noise through playback no matter if the music is in 44.1k/16 or higher format.

What could be the reason and what is the cure?



Try setting the Roon volume to 90 to see if that makes a difference


Thanks Richard,

tried, it seems better, but I steel hear some pops.
Airplay sounds better :frowning:

On my system I found the first track of London Grammar’s album consistently seemed to distort once it got going. Changing the volume level to 90 fixed that. I also put a buffer of 80ms into the ALSA settings on the PiCorePlayer webpage. That might the extra thing you need.