Pi4 via I2S Not Playing 44.1/16 files

I am using a Pi4 with this HAT, “Raspberry Pi DAC audio decoder board HIFI expansion board supports coaxial fiber I2S output 3B/3B+4B PCM 32K-192K/32Bit” which was purchased on Aliexpress. I wanted to get the I2s output into my Denafrips Pontus 2 DAC.

The Pi runs Volumio and for the board using the Hifiberry DAC driver or the Generic DAC driver runs fine. I can also switch off I2s and just leave the Volumio settings to “HDMI” output.

Hi-Res music plays fine via Roon. There is an improvement compared to a usb output via a PC. However the only snag is that no sound comes out when playing 44.1/16 files. All hi-res files play flawlessly.

Its a weird problem but its a problem nonetheless. Any ideas how to solve this?


I have no idea about Volumio or that particular board. I run a Pi2AES for I2S output to my DAC (it is absolutely a substantial improvement over USB and Toslink/Coax.) I use Ropieee as the renderer with Roon, you might want to try that out and see if you still run into the 44.1/16 issue you described. If you’re able to use HiFiBerry drivers in Volumio then it’s probably the same in Ropieee unless they actually have a specific driver for your board.

Hi TupuHiRez,

Thank you!!! It works flawlessly. Installed Ropieee and used the Raspberry DAC I2S driver. It works! Everything plays. Brilliant!

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Awesome news! Enjoy the music!