"Pick" is becoming my favorite Roon feature

I’m lovin’ the “Pick” feature in Roon.

In the past, I would make Band X Mixer playlists - I’ve been doing since the cassette tape (and then MiniDisc) days. I have hundreds of playlists in iTunes that pre-date iTunes that are carry overs from better days.

But, I’ve discovered the “Pick” attribute for tracks within an album or Top Tracks within an artist (not sure how to edit that list… still learning).

Now, I open an album and adjust the picks to match the ones I like. Open an album and click/tap Play Picks. Done.

How do you select “Pick”? Is there a one-click or two-click way to do it?

You can right click and select multiple tracks to edit the metadata at the same time. Then change them all to picks and save. It ends up being pretty quick this way.


Same thing can be done with favorite.

Having seen people express annoyance at Roon reviews slagging their favourite albums I guess I can see replacing picks with your own. “Rocky Raccoon is a pick???” etc. I guess it is one less button on a crowded screen if you use picks exclusively? Favourite is so much handier than editing picks though, especially if you end up needing to clean up preexisting editorial content.

Is there a one-click or two-click way to do anything in Roon? :grinning:

No, you need to right-click the track, click on Edit, then select Edit Track, then scroll down to Pick row and click on the Edit checkbox and then select ‘Yes’. So, five clicks?

Not really, as ‘Favorites’ are not already pre-selected by the database. In the case of Pick, you are editing what’s already there. In many cases, I am finding that I only need to add/subtract one or two tracks from what is already selected by the curators.

The danger of relying on picks is that you miss everything else. So whereas picks are great they are not the only worthwhile music.


To each his own.

That true, but if you miss great music just because some random reviewer didn’t pick it at some time then that’s a shame. Also what about all the un reviewed music with no picks?
Just thoughts…
This is a general reply. Miss read who is commenting on what lol

Yes, that’s a risk. But I only do this with albums I know really well (and with which I am already skipping tracks).

Anyway… whatever.

In the “to each his own” category I select what I consider the best tracks from any album and move them to a playlist. I can title the playlist the same as the album and when I want to hear them later I simply look up the playlist. Or I can give the playlist a more generic title such as “country rock” etc and transfer other favorites tracks from other albums to the playlist. I would think that looking up a playlist created in this manner and playing the tracks is somewhat easier than searching for an album and playing The picks from the album. Anyway it’s a lot of fun for me and that’s the whole idea

What I do is only add tracks that I like. This means listening to an album and never just adding the whole album.
Then I use playlists or focus to combine tracks for listening.
Time consuming and sometimes I delete a track from the library --either remove the file, unfavorite in Tidal or click the heart twice to never play it again.

Any new functionality would be appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback, @Krutsch!

For what it’s worth, what you’re describing sounds closer to Favorites, which have a few subtle advantages for your use case, I think.

Picks are supposed to be editorial, meaning the team at Rovi/AllMusic/Tivo is giving you a steer on the notable tracks on this release. Like reviews or ratings, it’s easy (and for some people, fun) to see where you agree or disagree with the supposed “experts”.

Favorites are for tracking the songs you yourself like the best, and you can use this functionality the same way:

The differences are that:
  • Favorites are much easier to set, requiring a single click from pretty much any screen in the app, as opposed to requiring editing

  • Favorites are profile specific, meaning different people in your home can “favorite” different songs, as opposed to picks which are global

  • Top Tracks is more heavily weighted towards tracks you have set as “Favorites”

  • Favorites are easy to find from any browser – clicking the heart on the track browser shows you all your track favorites, same with album browser and album favorites, and so on. “Favorite Tracks Played This Month” is a bookmark I use nearly every day

So, I think Favorites can achieve what you’re looking for here without requiring editing, and in the future we may end up building more functionality on top of Favorites, since that’s where we would expect most people to be tracking the songs they love the most. The planned redesign of Radio, for example might weight Favorites and Play Counts more heavily than Picks.

Anyway, you’re free to use this however you want :wink: but just wanted to clarify the distinction.


^Thanks for the additional clarification. For what it’s worth, Favorites to me are favorite songs, across my library. Picks, on the other hand, represents the best tracks on that album - even though none of them might qualify as global favorites.

But, as you say: po-TAY-to … po-TAH-to :relaxed:

Interesting distinction @Krutsch, and one that makes total sense to me. The tracks I most want to hear when listening from a particular album are different from what I would want to hear in a more general shuffle. I thought about this while browsing my library last night, comparing picks to my own favourites. In fact there’s nothing stopping one from using the two features in tandem to develop two sets of favourites along any lines you choose. Uptempo and down, upbeat vs melancholy, day/night, my favourites/my partner’s favourites … whatever :slight_smile: For example I could see doing this with a pop artist like Beyonce, do I want to hear all the ballads or all the dance numbers? Cheers.

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To me, these all sound like great tags, but to each his own :innocent:

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I agree. I love tagging everything to death. :smiley:

Hi Mike: I’m finding some albums that have AMG top picks don’t have them in Roon. Should they? [One example is Neil Young’s Harvest]

Completely agree with your distinction here. Exactly how I think about it. I don’t hesitate to modify the genre assignments for an album and the picks for the tracks in an album if I don’t agree with rovi’s. Of course wish genres could be assigned per track… but that’s another issue…