"Picked by Roon Radio" skips tracks

I listened to some Talking Heads tracks when Roon Radio took over at the end of the queue. Good music, but then I noticed the artwork changing to “Be a Rebel” by New Order, and then immediately on to the next track, XTC, without playing the New Order track.

I selected “Previous” and got to the New Order track, which started playing. So: no issue with unavailability or whatsoever with the New Order track, but why did Roon skip it???

Bothe tracks were not in my local library but in Tidal.

I’ve seen this behaviour before. But it’s certainly not normal.

Anybody seen this also?

Yep. Was happening to me as well yesterday. Very odd.

Would be enlightening to know about involved endpoints, their device settings, and DSP settings.

Case in point being, that after years of flawless operation one of my RPi3B+1.3 with Ropieee and HIFI Berry HAT DAC+ developed a habit of causing a grouped zone to skip tracks when changes occurred from 44.1kHz sample rate family to 48kHz rate family.
Nothing remedied the problem until I switched to HIFI Berry OS.

Good luck!

I don’t have all information handy, but this week I had this on the raspberry/Ropieee + iFi DAC combination, and I think that 2 weeks ago I had the same behavior on WiiM Pro.

And every time that this happens (of course if I notice it) then I go to “previous” and the track plays without issue.

I don’t have grouped zones, so the issue will not be there.

Your suggestion that it happens on sample rate change means that, if this happens we should go back 2 tracks and verify that there is such a change. And that is maybe why it does work on “previous”: the change in sample from current to previous can be different.

Would there be an option in Roon to activate logging so that we can track this back?

Either look in queue or history, you can scroll forward and back.
To check and take note of the sampling rate and bit depth, one needs to either click on the individual albums or actually play them to see.