piCorePlayer DSD output problem!


I just bought a raspberry pi 2 and put the piCorePlayer in the SD card, then configured the output of the pi to USB output, then I configured the Chord Mojo DAC using the instructions of the piCorePlayer web page, and then Roon sees the squeezebox without a problem, it was like a 5 minute procedure, great!

Then in Roon I configured the squeezebox to use DoP, and the day before yesterday I swear I could hear the DSD output. But yesterday I wasn’t able to output DSD content to the pi and Mojo. How I know? Because in Roon I can see the DSD encapsulation, but in Mojo (it has color codes for kHz) it shows only 176kHz and I couldn’t hear a thing.

I erased the SD, flashed the original piCorePlayer, reconfigured the USB DAC and nothing, I am so sad. To make the story short, can anyone provide some guidance or help please??? I saw someone saying that they can output DSD with piCorePlayer to Chord Mojo using Roon.

By the way, I know Roon is not the problem, as I can use my Mac’s USB output, and I get DSD to the Mojo.



Hi, very late reply here but did you get any help with this? Did you get it working?

I’m not savvy enough to help you solve it but keen on trying picoreplayer with DoP via the Pi’s USB port