piCorePlayer Roon Bridge

Hi, running pCP on my Allo DigiOne and stream with squeezebox streaming within Roon.
Is it possible to install RoonBridge also on the pCP so that I could use RAAT protocol?
I am a totally noob in this case.

Install dietPi with roonbridge?

yes i know that, but want tu use piCorePlayer for now.

I don’t think so, as it’s built with minimum dependencies for LMS. You might be able to install via ssh but may not stick on reboot as pcp loads to RAM, just use SB streaming you’re not really gaining much using RAAT unless you want higher sampling rates than 192/24.

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thank you for your clear answer, helped me a lot, best regards

@erho this is possible. I’m running Roon Bridge and Squeezelite on my own pCP. No conflict running both at the same time.
Look here: https://github.com/sam0402/pCP-addon/tree/main/RoonBridge
As @Simon_Arnold3 says it may be just as good to keep using SB streaming, but of course Roon Bridge is better integrated with Roon.

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