Pink Floyd The Wall - Immersion box set

I can’t seem to find this in the metadata matching options. Is it there?? I can tag manually, but it’s a big release; should be there I’d think.

Actually it appears that none of the 2011 Pink Floyd box sets are in the metadata database. At least they don’t show up in the list of options when I go to ID them (pretty reasonably tagged by me).

I found The Wall Immersion as choice 12 of 20 on the main choice. For Wish You Were Here Immersion, it is number 12 of 15, or something like that. They don’t say Immersion, but the tracks are there. I haven’t looked to see which option is for Dark Side. I added my own artwork via Album Art Exchange. Good luck!

Dark Side is 18 of 25

I’m not seeing these. In the search fields, obviously use Pink Floyd as the artist. For the album name, for The Wall Immersion Box Set do you use just The Wall? Or more? I’m not seeing them in the list unfortunately.

Yep! When you identify album, choose the regular choice (choice one). Once you see the tracks portion, all the different versions are toggled up by the album cover. Let me know if it works!

Here is the Dark Side example

My bad – I hadn’t also noticed the < and > buttons under the ‘main’ album listing. Now I see the logic of how this works w/in Roon. Much better :slight_smile:

Yay! Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for Album Art Exchange. They have hi resolution album art for many catalogue titles. Roon can often not have correct album art for these sorts of sets or MFSL releases, so it helps correcting the actual metadata on the files. You can then choose the file version of the cover and override the Roon choice (if it is incorrect).

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I’d never heard of this before, thanks very much.

Yes indeed - I can see that Roon’s art is often not quite right. I love Album Art Exchange :slight_smile: