Pink Floyd's "Meddle" - Worth the upgrade from 44.1/16 to 192/24?

I’ve upgraded about half of my Pink Floyd collection to Hi-Res over the CD burns (DSOTM, WYWH, Animals, and the Wall). I can hear things in Hi-Res that I couldn’t hear before in these upgrades. Has anyone compared the CD version of Meddle to the Hi-Res version?

I have copies of Meddle in several different formats:
A CD rip
A 5.1 DTS version
A vinyl rip in 24bit/96kHz
A high resolution download in 24bit/192kHz

Plus there is the Tidal version in 24bit/48kHz/MQA 192kHz and the Qobuz version in 24bit/192kHz

As to which one sounds best, please read on. Of course, if you have a subscription to either Tidal (with a MQA capable DAC) or Qobuz then you can decide for yourself. I tend to find high resolution versions to be hit or miss, in that some sound absolutely incredible and vast improvement over the CD resolution version while others sound pretty much the same as the CD version.

As I’m working my way through the album, I’m finding that the 24/192 version is just, as you said in your original post, full of details that I didn’t hear on the CD version and the 24/192 version sounds a bit more open and has more, what audio reviewers like to call, air. So I guess that for Meddle we do have a clear winner!

FYI, I have been listening to the various versions using my Sonoma Model One electrostatic headphones, along with a convolution filter since this setup is as revealing as one could possibly hope for.

By the way, what is an LA Blue bike? Is it anything like my Lynsky gravel bike or is it more like my Trek Domane or perhaps similar to my steel Waterford? :grin:

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For a dose of balance, hearing things that I never heard before is an old audiophile cliche. And it is not due to high resolution bit depth or sample rate. The real reason is remastering or even remixing. If experiencing a high resolution epiphany, try downsampling that track to 16 bit 44.1 kHz. Those never heard before details still will be there.



I can’t disagree with you but since Qobuz has so many recordings available in high resolution it’s now quite easy and painless to listen in high resolution. No down or up sampling required. Besides audiophiles are by nature a very worrisome group and are often willing to go to great lengths trying to make sure that they are getting the best sound from their stereo system and recordings. Qobuz and Tidal go a long way in helping to calm their worries :grin: