‘Pinned’ album view

It would be nice if there was the ability to ‘pin’ an album, and for there to be a dedicated view of those albums. I am thinking it would replicate the experience of keeping a few CDs out next to your player. I seem to be adding loads of stuff to my collection now, both new and old, so the ‘recently added’ view has a high turnover and it is quite easy to forget about an album I wanted to give more attention to. In the old physical world I would keep CDs out by my player until I had had my fill, and wanted to move on, then they would progress to the full alphabetical storage shelves.
Just a thought.

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I have created a bookmark called Not Played sorted by date added for this purpose. Alternatively, you could create a tag for this purpose and bookmark that.

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Thanks. I had never really worked out the point of bookmarks, but that is a great use case.

Add a tag, call it Pinned. Then when you want just those albums sort by the tag.

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Another option is to add new albums to a playlist like ‘Check out’ and remove after you’ve listened