Pixel 3 issues connecting to Rock [Solved]

@support After I eliminated the wifi extender from my network my original generation Pixel would connect reliably to my Rock core. Now that I upgraded to Pixel 3, I have to reboot the core every singe time when the phone losses connection to get connected again. I kept my original Pixel and it doesn’t have this issue, just the Pixel 3.

Nothing has changed in my network configuration, same router, switches, etc…

Has anyone else seen this or found a solution?

Odd. Both my pixel and my 3 are fine. Are they both on the same WiFi network?

Yes, same network, same subnet, etc…

Hi @darqman,

Can you describe your network setup for me?

How often does the Pixel 3 disconnect? Does it occur while the app is in use or when waking from sleep? If you completely close out the app and re-open it does it reconnect?

Double check that Pixel 3 and Android 9 have not enabled an always on VPN or a Wi-Fi + LTE simultaneous connection mode.



@dylan and @WiWavelength

I use Google Fi and the Pixel 3 was connected to the Google Fi VPN as @WiWavelength suggested . My first gen Pixel didn’t do this. When I disconnect from the Google Fi VPN then it connects to the Roon Core flawlessly every time. Sorry, new phone so still learning the ins and outs.

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