Planet Rock no longer available in Live Radio

Planet Rock has disappeared from Live Radio, is there a reason for this and will it be returing. Also, is ther any chance of having 3WK Classic Rock added.

Hello @anon21654556, I wonder if you have encountered a geo-location bug that is affecting a few (including me) users.

Planet Rock is restricted to UK listeners only, and there is a flag in Roon enforcing that.

I have temporarily removed that flag. Please tell me if you can see the station now (only one stream will show)

I’m afraid not. From their website

We’re so excited here at 3WK.COM to be a part of the YouTube family! We’ve adapted to the times and moved to all YouTube playlists.

Planet Rock is still not showing in Live Radio.


Hmm. Just to be clear, Searching for planet rock with the magnifying glass does not work? (I get two results; the other being Flower Power radio)

It’s back and working, thanks.

Ok, then we have established that you are affected by the geo-location bug, as you couldn’t see the station before I removed the flag.

@dylan - another one.

I can’t leave the flag off as the station does not allow non-UK listeners. So what we can do in the meantime until Roon fixes the bug is for you to add the streams to your my live radio. I’ll PM you the streams.

And I will add the restriction back on again for the main database.

Apologies for the kerfuffle.

Hello again. Roon believes they have fixed the bug. Can you help confirm by telling us if you can see planet rock now please?

Yes, I can…

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Great news. Thank you for checking.