Planning to move music folders on another storage

Does anyone have experience with the following: I am planning to move my complete music folder structure to a new storage keeping the same files and folders (so simply copying).

Since I have done a lot of edits in the roon library and modified a lot of metadata I would not like to lose this information and I assume that by the new storage will need to be dded in the Roon settings and Roon will start identifying tracks from scratch. In such case I will need to do the edits again.

Has anyone done this before? What is the best practice to move the folder and keep the library as is without affecting the metadata?

remove all existing watched folders (from Preferences/Storage) and wait for everything to disappear from Roon
move everything to the new drive
re-add watched folders (at new location)

if you keep your fingers crossed all the time everything should end well :laughing:

Thanks @pl_svn! Have you tried this yourself already? Just asking to understand if this is something you have experience with or just a proposal.


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Thanks so much!