Plans for ROCK to support NUC elements and rugged elements chassis?

Hi Roon,

Is there a future in which Roon considers extending ROCK hardware support to NUC element and rugged chassis setups?

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NO interest?

  • Silent out of the box
  • Nuc
  • Only slightly more expensive than a standard NUC with equivalent processor/specs.

This was first asked back in 2020. However, I’ve yet to find any actual suppliers of this range, even though Intel announced it two years ago. It certainly doesn’t seem to be available in Europe.

I’m in Australia. Supply is no issue here.

that’s because you’re such a rugged nation.

I have ROCK successfully running on a NUC Elements CMCR1ABA i7 Elk (purchased from here: NUC 11 Rugged Expandable Chassis Core i7 Compute Module - CMCR1ABA i7 Elk - Simply NUC).

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Can you tell me how to set up the BIOS? I tried many times but could not install the USB disk of ROCK.
I think this one is better than Nucleus and the price doesn’t cost as much…

It’s a while ago now so I don’t recall the specifics, but I set it up as per the ROCK installation guide in the roon knowledge base.

At what point in the install process does it fail?

Yes, I also used the ROCK installation guide to set up the bios, but I could not find the installation USB disk. In the upper left corner of the monitor, there were characters like the picture shown.

There’s a link in the paragraph under section 3 here: