Plans for Roon Sale Again?

I totally missed the sale before Christmas. Do you all have plans to offer this deal again anytime soon?

Does anyone know this??

Nobody knows but the Roonies, but I doubt it. Nothing announced, but you could always wait out CES (Jan 6-9). Or comfort yourself in the thought that Roon is excellent value as is.

Kinda figured…my luck :wink: Thanks Rene

We also didn’t do a Christmas sale, and we don’t have any sales planned.

We had an introductory sale when we launched because no one knew who we were, and Black Friday made sense this year. However, we don’t plan on having sales throughout the year.

Any deals today? Would love to go lifetime in my lifetime :grin:

[quote=“Tatifan, post:6, topic:6403”]
Would love to go lifetime in my lifetime
[/quote]Just do it.

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The sooner you go lifetime the more you save :grinning:

Oh, I know…that’s why I’m thinking either if the greedily hoped for deal today (or this xmas season) or when my 1st anniversary rolls around.

We don’t plan on doing any more “X% off” discounts. Don’t hold me to this, but it is not in our plans. Not for Christmas, not for Black Friday, etc… We probably will never discount a lifetime membership ever again – it just doesn’t make sense for us. Sorry if you missed out… that’s just how the dice rolls. Early adopters got the deal… but I guess with inflation and risk it all evens out :wink:

Hardware partners often buy full, or massively discounted subscriptions (annuals) for their customers – if you purchase a great piece of Roon Ready hardware, ask if they are willing to throw in a Roon membership. Many partners do it because it reduces their support burden.


Damn. I guess when @Mike and I discussed the future of Roon way before launch I should have hit him up for a Lifetime deal then. I felt like I had a small part in the future of Roon.

Lesson learned, but seems like a harsh stance.


Just your friendly neighborhood necromancer here, reviving dead old threads. I suppose I shouldn’t get my hopes up for a black friday deal on an annual membership then?

Drives wooden stake through heart of thread


nope, no sales this year