Play all my Favorites of Artist (not only from one album)

What I’d like to see in Roon:
I’m going to a artist, in this case: Bruce Cockburn.
I press “Play Artist”
And then “Play My Favorites” or “Play Favorites” (by this artist)

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Hi Rudd,

You can sort of do that now, by using Focus and the Filter field.

In Album, Artist or Tracks View, click Focus and in the Filter Field at the top left of the pop up window, type Bruce Cockburn. After the results are displayed click the heart icon at the top left of the screen.

Click Play All.

Cheers, Greg

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Hello Greg, (Thanks for your reaction!)
Yes I know.
But I’m always looking for solutions where I need less clicks.
And for once, this is ok, but if you often want to use this …

Hi Ruud,

Yes, definitely not an elegant solution.

Cheers, Greg

I would love to see “Play Favorites” appear next to “Play Top Tracks” on the main artist view. Similar to the album-level view which gives the choice of picks or favourites (if they exist.)