Play artist in chronological sequence

When I select an artist to play, Roon seems to insist on a random shuffle sequence. I would prefer a chronological sequence. I know that I can do this by selecting every album in order and adding each to the queue, but what am I missing to make release date the default for an artist?

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I don’t believe this is possible in Roon, so I’ve moved your post into the Feature Request section.

Can I support this. It is exceptionally annoying to have such a silly restriction. Why would I prefer albums of music created as albums to be shuffled like they are teenagers’ songs? The fact that shuffle is the ONLY options is what gets me annoyed. See example below. 60 CDs that were structured for a purpose does not imply that the “songs” need to be played in a random order. Then we could also look at prolific modern artists with many albums and the same applies. Personally, I would remove shuffle completely … as I have where it is able to be changed in settings.