"Play artist" plays almost anything BUT that artist

So when going to an artist page and choosing “play artist” should Roon not play music by that artist? Because in my case it is not what happens… it did play a couple of tracks of that artist but then it keeps playing other stuff. And I have plenty of music by that artist in my library, it’s not like it finished and moved on to Radio.
Is this normal behavior?
For example now it plays a Tim Garland track but I started with Play Now from the Maria Schneider Orchestra… why doesn’t it keep playing MSO?

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For me, Play Now on an artist plays all the tracks of the band including ones from other artists on which they have a credit.

I don’t see any of the albums on Tidal or Qobuz for this group that you have in your library. As a test, what happens if you disable all streaming services and then press Play Now for the MSO?

The problem here highly likely being that Maria Schneider afaik does not stream. She only sells.

Roon only considers artists for radio it KNOWS from its streaming database be it Qobuz or that other bunch. This way she just does nt get picked up when @DanMtsn wants her on radio.

I am observing the same from other labels/Artists that dont stream. Its a fault in Roon‘s logic to ignore artists in library-‚only‘ - often discussed.

It may work if you disable streaming, but that surely cant be the solution.

indeed, all MSO I have is bought and saved on my local drive.
this seems like just one more of the quirky things Roon does… there’s no competition in this space so we can’t expect improvements

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Sometimes I fear that is true…
I never use Roon Radio for that very reason. Workaround: Put her on a playlist.

Yes, that’s how it works for me too. This is the reason why I don’t use “Play Now” from the artist page. Because if I want to hear Eric Clapton, I only want to hear his solo work. I don’t want his appearances on The Beatles, or BB King or The Band, etc. There should be an option to Play Now where he is the Artist, versus, Play Now all of his appearances. In addition, I would like to see an option to Play Now my favorite tracks (the ones I selected the heart icon for).

To do any of those things, I need to go to the Tracks page, and filter Eric Clapton in the artist field and optionally filter with the Heart/favorites filter.

Yes, that would be a Feature Request.

sure. I suggest the unheard of idea that when you play an artist to play that artist. revolutionary, I know

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