Play count incorrect - streaming count appended to purchased

Not sure where to put this, but have come across this sev times in the past.

If I listen to a qobuz album and then purchase it for example, when I add the purchased album to my DB and begin to play the purchased version, at some point the play count reflects the qobuz count (or at least more than “0”)?

Say I listened to a streamed album 2-3 times, once my purchased album is loaded and I begin to play that version, maybe half way through listening to it, the play counts reflects the streamed play count (3x).

As shown in the pic, I hadn’t got to song 10 yet (no DR analysis) and it shows 2 plays as well as all the previous tunes show a number of plays which are incorrect.

Well this thread has really gained some serious traction :smile: Put this in the FWIW category. I finally received my Riverside ID.Dentity deluxe version today. Woot! Ripped it, applied metadata etc…

And again…I hadn’t even played this new local copy yet and the Qobuz play count seems to apply itself to this new version. Ahem…no good.

I’m pretty distraught :smile:, may have to have another beverage(s) :beer: :metal:

Isn’t this a good thing? I’d absolutely want the play count to carry over. I’ve played the album, then bought it…

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Hmm, not necessarily, maybe its just me. I fig a unique or local version would have its own play count. I thought it used to actually? I dunno what the actual functionality is supposed to be :man_shrugging:

Just for the record, this is how I remember it working in prev versions of roon (would keep things separate) :+1:

It would be awesome if it always worked like this.

From my perspective, ideally, play counts of a music track should be always summed up regardless of which album versions or playback sources they originated from. (As long as the track version is identical, of course.)

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+1 to this. I have started purchasing some of the most played albums on my favorite list and surprisingly it did not get carried over.

Qobuz version

Local version

If there is anyway to force the syncing, I’d love to know.