"Play from here" option for 'My Tracks' list

As described in this post (No "play from here" option in track list - #3 by john_christensen) I’d like to officially feature request a “Play from here” option for the ‘My Tracks’ list.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

“Queue from here” and “Add next from here” should be added also. This should just not be a requested feature, but a consistency completion for the UI, since other displayed lists (playlists for example) show this feature.

I want my favorites (focused in My Tracks) added like this to the queue.


Hi Henning, this did not get much traction. Did you receive any feedback? I completely agree with you and don’t understand how such a seemingly simple and obvious feature is not implemented yet.

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Hi Thomas,

No I haven’t. But honestly I don’t think we will. The voting system doesn’t allow for much flexibility so people will vote mostly for the most popular (most voted) features only and won’t vote on something this minor. So I guess we’ll not see this feature.